Mohad Sabre

Born in December of 1981 in Lisbon, Son of a Designer Engineer, geometry has been always present in his life. Graffiti and Drawing was always a hobby, and in Art School was always the choice. After moving to Oporto did Design in a Technical school. Worked for the automobile industry designing whit CAD software for some years and after that opened his first studio alongside Miguel Martins.

CEO of Sublimevilla Tattoo Club and Tattooing this Enterprenor Artist takes Geometry, Symmetry  and Astechtics as base, of his work, originality as a way of seeing the beauty of all, “since no one are the same why should Tattoos be?”.

I love to geometrize, especial animals, so what I usually do is to work over a real photo and do my interpretation of that.Originality been present with me since I remember, I always wanted to be different, I believe we all are so makes no sense for me to do always the same, I try to work with the client and design something that makes part of him. Art makes me rich, like gold, I cant live whitout it and the more I have the better I stay. Influenced by Artists from different areas, but my eyes are on those who come-up with something different and unique that´s what we should all be and do in life.







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