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  5. One thing I really like about Powell is he plays with a very gritty NBA style physicality. He plays tough and bangs but doesn’t draw 3 fouls in 3 minutes of play. While the Lakes didn’t need that grit in the finals this year. I could very well see w/ other East Coast teams (not to mention some Western teams) this could be essential. Coupled w/ his nice mid range jumper, he is a huge if underutilized asset.Won’t say anything bad about DJ; he’s game, has chemistry w/ the team and seems to be improving. But he’s not in the same class.
  6. What amazing fun the festival sounds like.I loved the art the magpies and yarn bombing especially. The silhouettes tent wow, love it too. Yep I just love arty stuff. I would have lost my mind deciding what to do with myself learn circus tricks, make butter or watch my favourite kids movie The Goonies......that's so cool.What a great ticket price. I'm glad you had a fab time albeit cold and wet at times, but you did it in style and looked gorgeous.
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  9. I think that’s a valid interpretation of his comment VampLilly, and one I certainly entertained. And LIKE I think the fact that he mentioned the bloody shower from season 3 in this context certainly lends weight to this idea.But then you also have the opposite side of that coin – he could have meant “it leads somewhere different…” to the books. Since the interviewer based her question on them.And this is why Alan Ball is considerably smarter than us.    0 likes
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  12. When your agenda for visiting Shaughessy G&CC and Vancouver GC is set would you please consider emailing me . . . I’d like to do an audio interview while you’re visiting BC, as I have in the past with Rube. Thx, Barry
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  14. What a great post Curtise, spectacular pics espesh the one of LLB dressing up. Loved seeing inside the castle, aren't the ceilings magnificent? We are so lucky to have all this wonderful history on our doorsteps. Dick Turpin's a bit of alright, PHWOAR!
  15. I have yet been able to get past the criticisms in my head when it comes to my own writing. Wanting to make it “impressive” is a hard principal to give up. The ego must die. Any suggestions?
  16. Wow what a win win for WRKO.I wish there was a good FM talk station cause I hate trying to listen to AM during the day. Imus should have to apoligize for this too! Thanks alot!
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  20. A significant cultural event for England – a source of national pride, since the 1611 translation was believed to have been a milestone in standardizing the English language. Pity the U.S. has no cultural comparatives. What we get, I suppose, for being a “melting pot”.
  21. Vettel é realmente um cara para ser admirado e acho que vai ser muito mais ainda. Penso nelo como potencial campeão do mundo em não muito tempo.Quanto a Webber ter incinerado Pizzonia. Bem...Não conheço nenhum dos dois, mas acho que Vettel é infinitamente superior à Pizzonia e ai fica dificil qualquer atitude deste tipo vinda do canguru de treinos.
  22. Jenni:Mä en tajua, miksi kukaan kritisoisi marjoja?!! Voitko sä selittää mulle, miksi marjoja pitäisi kritisoida? Mä en vaan tajua. Joku "viherjuppeilu" on ihan asia erikseen. se ei musta kuulu tähän. Mä puhun TERVEYSVAIKUTUKSISTA that´s it.Anonyymi:Kyllä.
  23. Esta ver professor...Com este Presidente a dar este mau exemplo a uma nacao de quase 200 milhoes de almas e detentora de armas nucleares, tamanho obscurantismo e ignorancia. E que vivem no maior caos social alguma vez visto na historia contemporanea, estao ou nao estao criadas condicoes para linchamentos ou manifestacoes similares?O maus exemplos inspiram!...
  24. I haven’t commented on this post because my heart aches so much. Africa and the condition of its people brings out the most awful feeling of helplessness in me. I thought Kenya might be immune to that awful killing that happened elsewhere and when I started reading about what’s going on, oh, I felt so sad. More than sad because there’s nothing to be done. We can donate to the charities and send food, but that won’t stop them from killing each other. How do we help when the problem is not flood or drought but hatred?You’ve written a powerful piece from personal knowledge and I thank you.
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  27. PC, "and you guys criticize our soccer fans..."You guys kill each other and feel good about it. You folks are the sickest people on the planet.
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  30. Welcome Pete, glad you stopped by. Peter Youngren is the owner of a tv network in Canada called Grace TV. I’ve tagged all the posts at BDBO, so if you use the search field on the side bar and type in his name, you can read up on his behavior.
  31. That $40 million extension for Tramon is really paying off! Ditto the extensions that Jordy and Jones got…what a couple of explosive playmakers those guys are when Jennings isn’t around to draw the defenses attention. Serious question- was there even ONE Packer fan that thought going into the season with Newhouse being the starter at LT was a good idea? Newhouse wouldn’t start on the Bears OL!
  32. I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.
  33. Mesmo a propositodeixo aqui o link da Tori dos EUA com o seu cão Rev …de revolution !!! que usa os tenis barefoot para fazer Agilityaqui esta ela ha uma semana no crufts
  34. Love, love, love these books! Your reviews were great, Ines – it IS hard to describe her tone and manners, they're so funny (and yes Natalie, definitely pompous!). And we did, in fact, name one of our pets Bastet!! Can't wait for book 20, which Elizabeth Peters is apparently writing now!
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  37. To by se právě mělo udělat dříve. Podrobit imigranty testu inteligence, jazykových znalostí, znalostí z historie, kultury, geografie... Chceme poevropštěné imigranty, ne lůzu. Lůzy máme své dost.
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  41. Wenn ich in Deutschland wäre und Lust darauf hätte, dann würde ich ein soziales Netzwerk für die Alten ab 60 machen, das ist die Gruppe die den großen Hunger auf das Internet hat ;)
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  46. That's excellent. Sounds like a cool paper. Minor correction - Galois lived in the 19th century. And of course Galois fields are even more celebrated amongst mathematicians due to the tragic nature of his death.
  47. I have 2 suggestions if I mayThe Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution by W. Cleon SkousenThe most complete book written on the substance and meaning of the U.S. ConstitutionANDThe Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity ShlaesHow FDR's government intervention extended the Great Depression (sound familiar?) Was this answer helpful?
  48. Tamara is one clever cookie! And I think she sums it up pretty well by just saying..DO YOU...if you are true to yourself and what your blog is all about..then that is all that matters. To be genuine and be grateful for the blessings that come along the way. Thanks for sharing Jen x
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  54. No últimos anos temos assistido a um vazio angustiante no Benfica no que toca à oposição. Não é fácil destronar o LFV. Primeiro porque teria de aparecer alguém que conjugasse uma série de factores: credibilidade, passado imaculado, bem falante, inteligente, sócio há muitos anos, etc. E segundo porque o fantasma de Vale e Azevedo continua a pairar sempre que se aproximam eleições e os sócios têm receio de eleger um desconhecido que se torne como o outro.E porque não o Simões, o José Augusto ou o Humberto Coelho?
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  61. Debbie Interesting, Akis… I deleted a photo from one of my albums because I wanted to substitute it, and since then haven’t been able to upload any photos to two albums, even though they’re well under the FB limit – anyone got any suggestions?
  62. pinecone Soooo many reasons to choose grass-fed beef that trump simply buying local, IMO. If I didn’t like grass-fed beef, I would not eat beef – period. This is like telling people to go ahead, eat bluefin tuna because it tastes better than albacore or yellowfin.
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  82. We get the chance to change the course every two, four & six years when the elections for nation wide offices are up for grabs but the morons of this country keep electing the same fools to run America. Change takes time & votes, that is one of the reasons I joined the TEA party so we can help elect people to these offices that will set the course of our nation on the right course according to the constitution which is a living document that was written by our founding fathers that had far greater wisdom than the average elected fools we have in government today
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