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After participating in several conventions one the elements and founder T-Yes Marinho , awakened to the grace that had about Brazilian culture, tired of making known other ethnicities, decided that the road would be aware and go for a challenge that would study , draw their own culture, hitherto little known events that participated, then it would be interesting to show the public a new image of diverse artwork and traditional crafts through the tattoo and thereby raise the word BRCrew Jungle Art-an international level, living experiences of the 4 corners of the world.

Its international operations are necessarily linked to the disclosure of National Manual Art, on any surface, it is the preservation of culture and all sorts of related graphics will race national (Brazilian), aiming to interact with the culture and awareness of our National legends, myths and all that is related to our folklore with language manual and visual education artistically preserving the environment, sustainable development, promoting and participating in fairs, exhibitions, campaigns that will include dedicated disseminating ancient art of tattooing where the barbarism is forgiven by the beauty of the primitive, forefront and his whole world language. Making this a form of connecting artists of all nationalities to the most diverse ways and opportunities to show their work to an audience increasingly varied. The project BRCrew Jungleart seeks to sensitize the public through acts, arts, advertising and other means interaction in order to preserve his true passion for the origins of an art form and cultural.

The proposal BRCrew Jungle Art, not travelling for tourism, but for culture, bringing references from other cultures attending conventions and exhibitions events to other people and their customs.

Growing at a speeding rate the BRCrew Art Jungle Ltd had to shape the new demands of the market and interaction with the world, in the beginning of 2012 Pedro Duarte Ramos along with T-Yes Marinho , set up BRCrew as a company in Brazil, which meant to have the ability to compete and take to the general public the message that until then was not coming in a all to the general public.

We predicted a big challenge but the predictions are quite positive. With hard work, positive thinking and teamwork we will all get to do what was started in 2006 with plenty of quality, prestige and above all respecting all cultures and ethnicities that exist around the World.

The "Divide to Add" is and always will be our great motto.

Ink thankful,
T-Yes Marinho
Pedro Duarte Ramos